My favorite places in Denver for lunch and a nap

I love to have little picnics, outside, in the shade, on a warm day. I have my lunch and then I will lay down for a brief rest and gaze up at the blue Colorado sky.
When I take the time to relax like this a few times a week I find I have more energy and I am happier with my daily life. Nothing seems to get me down…..

Often, I take the simplest lunch I can, like a juicy, sweet honeycrisp apple with a few slices of nutty manchego cheese and salty prosciutto. I add a few tangy olives, a crisp cracker or two and an icy cold Pelligrino water. For dessert I will have tart, ruby red cherries that stain my lips and fingers or a bunch of sweet grapes. If I don’t have too much work to do in the afternoon, I will enjoy a cool glass of rose wine, which I hide in a clean Starbucks cup.

I can’t think of a more perfect lunch alfresco…and there is nowhere I’d rather be for the few minutes I find in my day for my break.

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