What "Live from Denver" is all about

This is a site for those of us who want more out of life. We have grown up a little bit and are tired of the club scene. We are finished with trying to have a conversation over blaringly loud and equally bad music. We are ready for a more fulling and richer existance but we don’t know exactly where to go to find it or how to make it happen.
We are finished with the overly done, trendy sectors of Denver that are too pretentious, expensive, and simply too much of a scene. We want more. We want better music, more interesting (and cleaner) venues, unique clothing, fantastic shoes, amazing food and wine, fascinating entertainment, and really great friendships.
We have grown up, our lives have changed, our tastes have evolved, our horizions have broadened, and our time is much more valuable; but, it seems as though Denver has not kept up with our changes.
We want the “Sex and the City” lifestyle, and Denver isn’t anything like NYC…or is it?
Let’s find out what Denver has to offer in terms of dating, dining, shopping, entertainment, education, and self transformation.

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